Our over 30 years of experience supplying regional and global markets makes us your first choice in backpacks, luggage, duffles and purses.


At Importadora y Exportadora Rosen S.A. we are focused exclusively on our product lines without diversifying into different products so as to guarantee the our quality and expertise. We have over 20 different internationally recognized brand licenses and our client list includes the most highly regarded companies in their countries.

We design, produce and distribute our over one thousand different backpacks, luggage pieces and purses. We offer design and production services for customers who need a product made specially for their needs, whether they be government agencies, regional chins, international brands or wholesalers looking for for a product that will set them apart from the competition.

We cater to your needs at our 2000 square meter showroom and immediate shipping from our 25,000 square meter warehouse at the Zona Libre de Colon and, if requested, we can ship within 24 hours. Having our service and broad inventory is a competitive advantage that will strengthen your business.

We offer live video conferences if your customers cannot visit us. You could literally stroll through our whole showroom with one of our sales representatives and pick your products live, even create promotional products. We have extensive experience in planning for back to school crunch times with 12 advance production and our technological advances allow us to fulfill our customer’s needs on a case by case basis, weather it be bar codes, LPN, SKU, Inner Packs, Box Standardization, packaging that complies with customs for each country, logistic support, inventory control and production, etc…

At Importadora y Exportadora Rosen you will find professionals ready to assist you, listen to your needs, address your concerns and, if requested, advise you on market trends. Your success is our success, and after 3 decades on the market we have proven that statement to be true.


Place our brands as the most recognized and expansive in the latinamerican market, always seeking new goals while focusing on excellence, because our customers are always looking for the best quality.


Maintain our leadership in the distribution of backpacks, luggage, carrying bags, purses and accessories in Latin America; providing our customers with business opportunities in their markets.